Selling your Home in the Winter

It may not be the most attractive time to sell your home with all the storms and dreary weather. But The Pelatti Team have some tips to make your home look its best to sell during this time of year.

1. Make your home feel as cozy as possible.
     The most attractive things to buyers is having the sense that they can feel at home in the home they are looking to buy. Have your fireplace going, or if you don’t have a fireplace have unscented candles to give your home a nice warm feel.
2. Keep entryways scrupulously clean.
      The best way to entice a buyer is having a clean entrance way. If your entrance way if cluttered and a mess, the buyer can be immediately turned off from your home without even seeing the best features. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by keeping your entrance way clean.
3. Give each room a warm touch.
     Again, make the buyer feel like they could actually see themselves living in your room. Keep the rooms clean, but make sure its clear that the house can be lived in and is lived in happily.
4. Show how outdoor rooms can be used even in the coldest months.
     Don’t let space in your home go to waste! Show your buyers that outdoor rooms can be used during the winter. Put a space heater in the rooms and if they have windows looking toward the yard explain how nice they are also in the warm weather. Make sure you ensure them the rooms have multi-use in all seasons.
5. Emphasize spaces that will appeal in winter.
    Quickly draw your buyers attention to the coziest places in the house. It’s nice to know that there’s a space in the home to rely on in the winter. Make sure your buyers know that there is still potential to entertain.
6. Showcase the entertaining possibilities of your home.
   If you have a basement or any open space in your living room/kitchen ensure the buyers about events you have held or though about holding in your home in the winter because of this space. Since it will be too cold to have outdoor events in the winter, let them know it’s okay because of the ample space in the house.
7. Clear all exterior pathways of snow and ice.
   Make sure people coming to view your home do not have the risk of slipping and falling before entering the house! This is another example of the buyers being turned off from the start. If they have to hesitate to come into the house because of the ice, they will think you are not really interested in them buying your home and will then be hesitant to fall in love with the home.
8. Do decorate for the holidays.
   The best way to make a buyer feel like they could live in a home is seeing that people are happy in the home themselves. No matter what holiday you celebrate, even if it is different from the buyer, it is nice for a potential buyer to see that the house can be decorated and makes them feel like they could live in the home themselves. It gives the home a cozy, homey feel.



About The Pelatti Team

We are a Real Estate Team located in New City, NY. We are available to offer our expertise to help those looking to engage in any Real Estate transactions such as buying, selling or renting commercial or residential property. Our area of expertise is in Rockland, Westchester, Orange and Sullivan Counties in New York as well as Bergen County in New Jersey. Our team is made up of 3 members: Rosemarie Pelatti, Ilene Angel, Joseph Pelatti, Lymari Rodriguez, and Kristin Pelatti
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