Amazon Echo: Is it worth it for your home?

There has been a lot of hype about the Amazon Echo, or Alexa. You hear things like,”It’s the entry way to the ‘smart home.'” But is this product really worth it? For almost $180, it seems like it should be. And it is, if you’re a Prime Member.
The system has a quick and easy set up, requiring only that you connect it to wifi and a mobile device to set it up. From there you put in your Amazon information and it connects to that for Prime music

So what does Alexa do for us?

  • It plays music from Prime Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio or TuneIn.
    • This is a cool feature, especially if you have Prime. It allows you to go through a vast selection that Prime Music has and will connect automatically to any Pandora or iHeartRadio station that you would like.
    • The speakers are great on the system too, filling an entire crowded room on just 70% volume and it has the capability to either be told to lower the volume or you can manually lower it by twisting the top of the system.
  • Uses a voice recognition system to answer any questions you have/ do any commands you make.
    • Also a cool feature as it can hear you from across the room.
    • It uses the wifi connection you have to search the internet for the information you would like.
    • It can also read you audio books the news, the weather and traffic reports- far more convenient that manually looking it up or turning on your tv and waiting for that segment to come up.
  • It can controls lights and switches that are compatible WeMo, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Insteon, and other smart home devices.
    • A great feature. Who wouldn’t love to shut off appliances by just telling a system to do it for you. No more getting up to flip the switch!

Overall, the system and all of it’s features are worth the cost. It won’t help do the laundry or mow the lawn, but it definitely is a step in the direction of the smart house where you can operate your appliances without even being near them.  It is a convenient and simple device that is beneficial to everyday life. If you are looking for something to make your life a little easier in your home, this is definitely worth it.



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