Simple Storage Hacks

If you’re like most of us, you’re looking for new ways to simply store stuff in your house or apartment. We have a list of 6 simple things to do in your home to achieve the maximum storage.
1.Recycle wet wipe containers to store plastic grocery bags.
      Have too many plastic bags in your plastic bag of plastic bags? Don’t fool yourself, we all have one in our homes. But instead of keeping your plastic bags in another plastic bag, the next time run out of wet wipes, don’t just throw the time away. Instead, stuff the plastic bags in the tube. Not only will it take up less space, but it’s much more convenient to get only one bag out at a time!
Recycle wet wipe containers to store plastic grocery bags.

2..Install a magnet next to your mirror to keep your tweezers.
      Annoyed that you can never find your tweezers in your cluttered bathroom drawers. Why keep throwing them in the drawer when you can have them conveniently next to the mirror. By simply installing a magnetic strip next to the mirror, you’ll always have your tweezers right where you need them!

3. Keep baskets hidden under cabinets.
        Not enough shelves in your cabinet? Make one yourself! By drilling a basket into the top of the cabinet, you get extra storage space.
Baskets can hidden under cabinets.

4.Use shoe bags as storage for paper towels in closets.
       Have an extra hanging show bag? If you drill it into the ceiling of a storage closet, its a convenient paper towel holder. Perfect to grab the paper towel rolls when you need.

5.Use shower curtain rings and a hanger to hang baseball caps, belts or scarves.
       Have no idea how to conveniently store your caps, belts and scarves? If you put shower curtain rings on hangers, you can simply put any of these items through the loops and have them stored in your closet. This is the most convenient and effective way to maximize your space in your closet.

6. Use under the Bed Organizer for kids’ toys.
       Most people know that sometimes the amount of toys kids accumulate is overwhelming. And most of the time we have no clue how to store them effectively. For the smaller toys the best advice is keeping under-the-bed bins to put the toys in. This is simple and convenient to have kids keep up with keeping toys out of the way and letting your home look clean. The bin can easily slide right underneath kids beds, making cleaning up a breeze.




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