4 Reasons Your House Might Not Have Sold


If you’re listing your house for the second time you may ask yourself “WHY DIDN’T MY HOUSE SELL THE FIRST TIME?”

  1. Your Home May Have Been Overpriced

Every home will sell at a market appropriate price. A good Real Estate Agent, will help you find it. Your house should be based on the current market conditions.  If is priced too high it will sit on the market and become a “stale” property.

  •      What you paid for your property does not affect value.
  •      The amount of money you need to get from the sale of you house does not affect its      value
  •      What you think it should be worth has no effect on its value
  •      What another real estate agent says your property is worth does not affect its                 value.
  •      What your neighbor says does not affect its value.
  •      The cost to rebuild today does not affect its value.
  •      Trust what you’re Real Estate Agent says about pricing your home. It may not be           what you want to hear, but it will get your home sold.


  1. The Condition of Your House

First impression for buyers are very important, buyer will look at a median of 10 homes before buying. Buyers will comparison shop and you will want your home to stand out as the best value.

Very many homes have been lost to overgrown landscaping, cluttered rooms, bad stains, unpleasant smells, dirty kitchens and bathrooms. Fix what needs to be fixed, you never know what could be a small issue to you, could be a very big issue to a prospective buyer.  Most buyers want to buy a home that is move-in ready. Imagine that you are the buyer and clean your home from top to bottom.


  1. Marketing of Your Home

The lack of exposure of your home could have been a contributing factor to why your home didn’t sell. According to a joint study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and Google “Nine in 10 home buyers today rely on the internet as one of their primary research sources, and 52 percent turn to the web as their first step.”

Real Estate Agents who are innovative are offering new strategies of attracting home buyers will always outperform those who are using only traditional methods. Today’s market demands around the clock advertising exposure, through social media, Youtube, use of mobile technology marketing, and use of the internet.

  1. Accessibility of Your Home

The more accessible your home, the more showings and the better the odds are of getting a buyer. If a buyer can’t see your home they will go on to the next home and purchase elsewhere. A lock-box is best, while appointment only are most restrictive.


About The Pelatti Team

We are a Real Estate Team located in New City, NY. We are available to offer our expertise to help those looking to engage in any Real Estate transactions such as buying, selling or renting commercial or residential property. Our area of expertise is in Rockland, Westchester, Orange and Sullivan Counties in New York as well as Bergen County in New Jersey. Our team is made up of 3 members: Rosemarie Pelatti, Ilene Angel, Joseph Pelatti, Lymari Rodriguez, and Kristin Pelatti
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