Decorate for Spring

Spring is just around the corner! So let’s start decorating the house for the season.
The following are just a few tips of how to decorate the house to incorporate the season of change and revival:

  1. Put out flowers
    Whether real or fake, flowers lighten the feel of the room and really make it feel like spring. Purple is a great color for flowers that symbolizes friendship and really makes your home feel inviting.
  2. Use a rug in front of your sink in the bathroom
    Make sure the rug has a nice pastel color that captures the essence of spring.
  3. Make sure your entry way is colorful
    The most important thing to do to make others feel comfortable in your home is have a nice entry way. Having many colors during the spring time lightens the mood.
  4. Reorganize!
    The best thing to do this spring season is de-cluttering during a spring cleaning. A less cluttered home is a more inviting one!



About The Pelatti Team

We are a Real Estate Team located in New City, NY. We are available to offer our expertise to help those looking to engage in any Real Estate transactions such as buying, selling or renting commercial or residential property. Our area of expertise is in Rockland, Westchester, Orange and Sullivan Counties in New York as well as Bergen County in New Jersey. Our team is made up of 3 members: Rosemarie Pelatti, Ilene Angel, Joseph Pelatti, Lymari Rodriguez, and Kristin Pelatti
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